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Free Shipping on orders over €45 in the Netherlands. Check Shipping rates here

Free Shipping on orders over €45 in the Netherlands. Check Shipping rates here

About Chai n Masala

Our Story

Post-graduate education brought Karishma (now a PhD in Molecular biology) and her brother Ashwin (MSc Embedded systems) to the Netherlands from India. In their next several years, living in the Netherlands, they kept missing the authentic-tasting, good-quality Indian food products. So, they decided to stop complaining and do something about this. Chai N Masala was born to make authentic Indian and uniformly good quality Indian food products available to people in Europe.

For the past 7 years, Chai N Masala has been operating via its web shop www.chaiNmasala.com . Through our web shop we have managed to reach thousands of customers all over the EU. We have a loyal customer base that appreciates the products we offer, and they happily recommend our products to their friends. For the last 3 years, Chai N Masala also operates as a wholesaler and supplies to diverse shops selling Indian grocery in the Netherlands and neighboring countries. Besides, we also have opened our own physical store in Eindhoven. Over the years, our expanding product offering has managed to attract customers from not only Eindhoven but also neighboring cities and across the border from Belgium and Germany.

Our motto has always been, “Quality is not necessarily expensive but is always priceless! “. Chai N Masala aims to be the Indian brand that offers standard quality and authentic Indian food for Indian food lovers across Europe.

Indian food and global  food trends

Indian food is heavily influenced by the ingredients that the traders from overseas brought to India and also the food culture of the rulers that ruled India. India is a huge country and experiences different climates from the coasts in the south to the Himalayan mountains in the North of India. This has an effect on the food in every region.

What grows or can be found in the region is often seen on the plate of the people from that region. For example, rice is predominantly grown in southern India and this happens to be the major staple in the south of India. Wheat is cultivated in northern India, and roti and parathas made from wheat are the most commonly consumed in that region. Similarly, local fish varieties are popular in the coastal regions and hence fish happens to be commonly consumed along the coast of India. Coconut palms grow in southern India and coconut is a popular ingredient in south Indian cuisine.

Being a vast country, India has different types of soils in different regions. These soils support growth of different rice varieties in different regions. Each of the rice varieties differs in its appearance, taste and  texture. We work with local farmers and make this variety available to our customers in the EU.

India has been setting global food trends since centuries. For example, turmeric, has been used since ages in India, both in cooking and also as an antiseptic. These days, the world has caught up with this trend and turmeric has become the new superfood. India has been growing and consuming so many gluten-free grains like millets. Now the entire world is into gluten free. Ghee or clarified butter is a consumed for centuries all across India. This is also catching up globally. Indian products like Ashwagandha, amaranth, and many more are now on their path to become superfoods.

Despite the large variety that Indian food has to offer, Indian food remains underrepresented on the shelves of supermarkets across Europe. At Chai N Masala, we aim to bring to you the most authentic Indian food from all corners of India. That too while using the best quality ingredients with authentic and pure flavors and little or no additives.  An ode to the culinary wealth of India, that is Chai N Masala!

Chai N Masala stands for more than just food; it is a culinary adventure that will delight your taste buds and enchant your senses. Come and enjoy the real flavors of India, made with love and passion, for an unforgettable culinary experience.